A Smoothie – the best breakfast.

For a morning kick start and smooth ride through your day, put these into your blender: 200ml milk ( a mix of soya & coconut is my favourite, but use goat, cow, etc) 1 chopped banana 2 tsp Green Lightning  with power-packed superfoods and oceanic algae like spirulina, chlorella, and Pacific kelp, Green Lightning delivers energizing, purifyingContinue reading “A Smoothie – the best breakfast.”

Granola – the staff of life.

Download the recipe HERE. This is a modification of a great recipe served at the sumptuous brunch on one of our yoga holidays in Portugal. It was meant for the few wheat-free guests, but quickly became a favourite with everybody. It will set you up for the day, and is a great alternative for a tea-time snack.Continue reading “Granola – the staff of life.”

* 20 Ways to recycle your old yoga mat.

We have wooden floors at home. They look lovely, but bath mats and rugs are lethal! I have cured the problem using several old yoga mats as thin, soft underlay for the rugs. Old mats are also useful when cut to fit the footwell in the car, for keeping your car floor mud and dust free. Thanks to the team at YogamattersContinue reading “* 20 Ways to recycle your old yoga mat.”