Breath, Health & Wellbeing

Breathing for Recovery, Health & Wellbeing – respiratory health is closely connected to our state of mind, to our hormonal and immune systems, and our ability to manage mental and physical challenges. Effective, healthy breathing promotes a restful state of mind and better sleep. The sequence of breath work and relaxation in these classes will aid recovery, develop better breathing and strengthen your immune system.
Weekly classes begin in August, and are suitable for beginners.

£35 for a course of 4 classes, 45 minutes each.

SPA FACIAL & SKINCARE WORKSHOPSPrepare for your new normal with an overhaul of your skin care and make up regime. Hannah demonstrates a step-by step online sequence which you can follow with your own products to give yourself a top-class facial treatment at home. Then get your make up bag out and we can talk through what needs to go, and what needs refreshing. Invite a friend and share the experience via Zoom! Private classes for one or two people.

Thurs/Fri £40 – 45 minutes.

For more information about all these optionsCLICK here.

Rachel is offering online Iyengar Yoga classes for different levels of experience on her website. CLICK here for more information and bookings. In the meantime, we wish you all well.

Guruji B.K.S Iyengar said:
In order to transform people from the physical level to the mental and spiritual level, the healing aspect of yoga has the major role. For many, yoga is a science and a philosophy, but it is only those who practice who know it is an art. Healing is an art and one has to go deep into the art to understand the changes taking place while you are taking a breath, while your are working, while you are moving, while you are sitting. One has to practice with accuracy, methodically, mathematically calculating how one has to sit, how to do the pose, how to stretch the leg. Then the reactions which take place in one’s own body have to be experimented with friends or students, to see if the feedback is the same as we got in our own body. If the feedback is identical then we can take it for granted that this is a healing process, which we can use. So that is why a yoga teacher has a tremendous responsibility.

One response to “Breath, Health & Wellbeing

  1. Debra

    The Yoga was wonderful, rejuvenating and effective, and has enabled my practice be more effective. It was an enriching experience, we look forward to next time. The yoga space is luxury, and Hannah is an inspiring teacher.