* 20 Ways to recycle your old yoga mat.

We have wooden floors at home. They look lovely, but bath mats and rugs are lethal! I have cured the problem using several old yoga mats as thin, soft underlay for the rugs. Old mats are also useful when cut to fit the footwell in the car, for keeping your car floor mud and dust free.

Thanks to the team at Yogamatters for these other ideas:

 1. Donate to homeless shelters for extra padding to sleep on

2. Donate to an animal rescue centre such as RSPCA. Most

of these places need soft, durable mats, rugs, towels, & blankets to line


3. Use it on the beach instead of a towel

4. Or as a draught excluder – plug up draughty windows and doors to save

energy and keep warm

5. A door stop – cut bits out and fold over to fit the gap under your door

6. Old mats can be used for pet’s beds – they insulate from a cold

hard floor and protect the floor from any straying paws

7. You could make waterproof cushions for outdoor events: easy to store,

lightweight, washable, reusable, and comfortable. Cut the mat into

equal pieces to make the top and bottom (the size of a newspaper laid

flat). Next, punch holes every 2 inches all the way around (both top and

bottom). Then, take a couple of newspapers and lay them between the

top and bottom. Use string, twine, ribbon, etc. to lace the holes and tie

off. To re-stuff, untie and add new newspaper

8. Cut to fit wardrobe floors or place by the front door as a place for

muddy shoes

9. Cat scratching post – roll the mat up tightly and fasten with string. You

can also use a section as a protective pad for your floor by the cat’s

litter box

10. Play time – use a sharp knife or scissors to cut out shapes, letters,

numbers, etc. Great for children to play and learn with. Cut holes to

create masks, hats, costumes and props…the possibilities are endless!

11. If going on a car journey with your dog, roll an old yoga mat out over

the back seat. This ensures that your dog is comfy and can practice

the original Downward Dog without scratching your seats!

12. Get rid of weeds in your garden without using chemicals. Just place the

mat over a section of your garden and the mat combined with the sun’s

heat will smother weeds and their seeds. When it’s time to sew new

seeds just remove the mat and move it to another spot in your garden

13. If you are camping in bad weather, you can use the mat as a door mat

outside your tent. It’s a great way to take your shoes off and kneel

down to get into your tent without getting muddy

14. Or Place it under your sleeping bag for extra padding when camping

15. Make garden knee pads – cut the mat into even sections and bind the

ends with string or twine

16. When doing DIY, use an old mat to keep materials from sliding on your

workbench while using power tools on them

17. Cut it up and decorate as you like to make original eco-friendly mouse


18. Cut into strips and use for drainage in flower pots

19. Use it in your car as a sunscreen when it’s really hot

20. Keeping an old mat in the car is great for those spur of the moment

picnics, keeping groceries from sliding around in the boot!


One thought on “* 20 Ways to recycle your old yoga mat.

  1. 21: Give it to a stressed out friend and persuade them to take up yoga… 🙂

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