Granola – the staff of life.

  • Download the recipe HERE.

This is a modification of a great recipe served at the sumptuous brunch on one of our yoga holidays in Portugal. It was meant for the few wheat-free guests, but quickly became a favourite with everybody. It will set you up for the day, and is a great alternative for a tea-time snack. I have modified it to lower the GI, and make it more sustaining by improving the protein content. The quinoa and oats are a great blend. Buy organic nuts – you really can taste the difference. The muscovado is important for the trace elements in the molasses. (You could use a tablespoon of molasses melted into the hot water instead. It makes the granola much darker.) The goji berries are a beautiful colour, and either prunes or apricots have a low GI. Simply snip them into small pieces with kitchen scissors. If you like a toasted flavour, put it under a grill for a few minutes, but don’t leave it – you’ll burn your nuts and have to start all over again!

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