Breath, Body, Mind.

There is increasing evidence demonstrating the relationship between emotional stress and the depletion of our immune system. Research shows how the immune system appears to benefit from the practice of yoga by encouraging ‘coherence’in the rhythm of the heart beat, as opposed to ‘chaos’. In the body, the main agent of our immune system isContinue reading “Breath, Body, Mind.”

Yoga, ‘Core Strength’ and Low Back Pain.

Releasing muscle tension to improve posture, alignment and movement is significantly more effective at reducing chronic or recurrent back pain than typical prescription treatment. (BMI 2009) Many people advocate strengthening the ‘core mucles’. Whilst this might be helpful, in the sense that any exercise can be, it’s far too general to help people who alreadyContinue reading “Yoga, ‘Core Strength’ and Low Back Pain.”

Ten #Yoga #Hacks for Beginners.

Stability comes before flexibility: if it’s a beginners class, you should be working on standing poses for the first few weeks to build a strong framework. All this ‘flow’ stuff is for people who don’t have the stamina for (or understanding of) real yoga, yet. Cultivate humility: however much experience you’ve had, you need to listen toContinue reading “Ten #Yoga #Hacks for Beginners.”

#Yoga for Hips – the good, the bad & the downright dangerous.

People who know me well also know I love a soap box, but out of respect for everyone else, I usually inflict those subjects only on my nearest and dearest. After many years practicing and teaching yoga, I’m becoming increasingly depressed by articles like this: Yoga Teachers ‘risking serious hip problems’  by Caroline Parkinson, because it’sContinue reading “#Yoga for Hips – the good, the bad & the downright dangerous.”

#Yoga for #Mercury Retrograde.

Yoga is not about the outward form of a pose, the asana. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali define “asana” as a position that, “is steady and comfortable”. Patanjali also mentions the ability to sit for extended periods of time as one of the eight limbs of his system. One of the stories Abhijata tells is ofContinue reading “#Yoga for #Mercury Retrograde.”