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Discounts for Summer Camp and weekends at #SaddleStreetFarm #IyengarYoga events.

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  • Book and pay your deposit for your yoga weekend 6 weeks in advance to save 10% on the price for the full weekend, (excluding B&B).
  • Iyengar Yoga Summer Camp: 10% discount for current members of the Iyengar Yoga Association.
  • Old Friends: if you’ve been to one of our events before, you can save a further 5%.

Yoga Weekend: normal price = £230 for the full weekend, Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime. With 10% discount = £207. And with the extra 5% = £195.50 (Plus B&B £45 per person per night.)

Yoga Summer Camp: normal price = £365 for Thursday 4pm to Sunday, non-residential. With 10% discount = £328.50. And with the extra 5% = £310.25 (Plus B&B £45 per person per night.) From 6th/7th – 9th July.

So join Freddie & Eddie, Bo and the gang for a relaxing weekend of Iyengar Yoga at Saddle Street Farm this summer. Namaste!

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A Smoothie – the best breakfast.

For a morning kick start and smooth ride through your day, put these into your blender:

200ml milk ( a mix of soya & coconut is my favourite, but use goat, cow, etc)

1 chopped banana

2 tsp Green Lightning  with power-packed superfoods and oceanic algae like spirulina, chlorella, and Pacific kelp, Green Lightning delivers energizing, purifying nutrients for vibrant, exhilarating health and vitality. Algae are nature’s superfood indeed.

2 tbsp live yoghurt (soya, goat, cow, etc)

Add a handful of fresh or frozen berries – raspberries, blueberries, etc. (Frozen gives a very cool smoothie, both temperature and colour!)

Now whizz with abandon, and drink BOTH glasses or you won’t make it to lunchtime. (If you have teenage daughters, make double the quantity. Trust me …. I’m a yoga teacher….)

If you refuse to be levered out of your toast-and-marmalade habit, at least get some Sun Chlorella. You’ll be so glad you did.


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