On the perils of a search for #yoga leggings.

If you put the phrase ‘yoga leggings’ into a search you’ll see a lot more than you wanted to see. (And a lot of it is not tasteful, especially on Twitter!) As ever, when it comes to what the body needs rather than what the ego wants, BKS Iyengar was a pioneer. He designed andContinue reading “On the perils of a search for #yoga leggings.”

Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (P.S.)

Zubin says: Spend one whole season with these potent thoughts. They have the potential to help you transcend the many ills which have befallen you or will strike you in future time and space. If I ask you, “Tell me, till what point can your eyes see?” Most probably, and reasonably, your answer would be: untilContinue reading “Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (P.S.)”

Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (10)

10. Goal is not the exclusive fitness of the body or mind but a unified condition. ‘Holics’ of any shape or size are deranged personalities. Workaholics were seen as extremely productive but it came at a high cost of their physical and mental breakdown. Hence ultimate fitness is never about exclusively building up your bodyContinue reading “Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (10)”

Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (9)

9. Trainers Vs real Teachers. Coaches and body trainers have become ubiquitous. The problem is their very little and shallow knowledge of our embodiment. Take for example a trainer preparing someone for the marathon. Making a person orient to an act is one thing, and making that person orient to the whole range of lifeContinue reading “Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (9)”

Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (8)

8. A long-term investment not a short-term plan.  Imagine if you were to give a young, strapping lad a walking stick as a birthday gift. It would be deemed worthless and impractical of course. So when we are talking about long-term, we don’t mean so far out as to be deemed worthless. We are talkingContinue reading “Zubin: Ten Talks About #Yoga (8)”