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Yoga down the generations.

Grannie Polzeath 1927

With a bit of poetic licence it’s fair to say there are five generations of yogis in our family. Grannie Winifred probably hadn’t heard of Upavista Paschimottanasana when she was larking about on the beach in Polzeath with her friend in 1927, but it looks remarkably like it. (She’s on the right.)

FamilyyogaclassWhen Jean Lovegrove (the Mothership), Rachel Lovegrove (Her Yogaship), Harry (her Stroupwafel), Hayley and I are all at Saddle Street Farm for Rachel’s Yoga Weekend, perhaps we can recreate this photo taken on our last holiday at Quinta Mimosa and add another generation: Taylor McGhee!


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Children are natural yogis!

Taylor (7) said, ‘ Look, Granny – I can do yoga,’ and threw himself down on the tiled kitchen floor in Yoganidrasana – just like that.

I was intrigued! So (on a carpet this time), we went through the pictures in a couple of children’s yoga books – ‘Watch Me Do Yoga‘ by Bobby Clennell and  ‘Yoga For Children‘ by Swati and Rajiv Chanchani.

Taylor – you’re a natural – even your mother was amazed!

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