#Leggings or #Pune Pants?

On a day when @united are being dragged over the hot coals of Twitter for enforcing their company’s dress code, #yoga teachers and students the world over are having a major wardrobe crisis. (Just put ‘yoga leggings’ into Twitter and you’ll see what I mean. It’s not tasteful, any of it.)

punepant8As ever, #IyengarYoga has the answer. BKS #Iyengar was a pioneer, in every respect, and many years ago the Iyengar Yoga Institute #RIMYI perfected what we now call Pune Pants. The design allows complete freedom for the body whilst protecting the modesty of the men and women in the class. They are designed like a pair of bloomers but with an extra piece in the gusset so you can bend, extend, squat and twist with no limitation imposed on the movement of the body by the fabric clinging to your skin. If you’ve never worn them, try Eka Pada Sarvangasana in your usual lycra, then try it in cotton Pune Pants…..see? For more choices, see this site HERE: www.frannixon.com

So if you want to see yourself as others see you in class (generally from behind and upside down), push your fist into your leggings. If you can see your knuckles, we can see your knickers. (As a #yogateacher, I’d rather see VPL than a thong any day.)

And if you live in a cooler climate, you won’t have to throw all your cosy leggings away – just wear them underneath. The opportunities for colour co-ordination and fashion statements are endless…..

Photo credit: Ray Burmiston http://www.rayburmiston.com

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