BobbyClennell – 11/12 May 2019

Saturday May 11:
Toward Padmasana – Opening the hips.
bobby“The hips are the seat of wisdom” B.K.S. Iyengar. Understand your hips. Guard against stiffness and immobility and learn to balance freedom with stability.
This sequence will include some of the lateral Standing Poses, the perfect start to the weekend.

PM: Improving the Inversions.
A regular inversions practice helps us cultivate insight, develop mental discipline and widen our spiritual horizons. These challenging but rewarding poses also help us develop strength (particularly in the neck, spine and arms) and poise. In this class, we will learn the principles of alignment needed to begin and sustain a safe and secure inversions practice.

In Light on Yoga, inversions feature in the sequences for prevention and treatment for most ailments. They should form a crucial part of our home practice.

Sunday May 12:

AM: Separating the trunk as building blocks for backbends.
This will give us all some Sunday morning sparkle!

PM: Active restorative sequence
Depression is a disease of the emotions and mind as well as the nervous and endocrine systems. Lift your chest to elevate your emotions and lead your mind to a lighter state. Create room for prana to move freely around the heart area. Keep your eyes open and focus primarily on your inhalation, the bringer of life.
Restorative yoga to allow the benefits of the weekend’s practice to penetrate more deeply into body, mind and spirit.

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