Home Practice Sheets

A selection of simple Yoga Home Practice sheets:

ABDOMINAL & LOWER BACK STRENGTH: Weakness in one can lead to problems in the other so the abdomen and the lower back need to be strengthened together.

SHOULDER AND ARM STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY: Simple, quick and invigorating for the brain.

SUPPORT THROUGH CHALLENGING TIMES: When the going gets tough, and you need to keep going, so take some time to support yourself and you will have more than enough to support those around you.

SUPPORT FOR A DEPLETED IMMUNE SYSTEM: If you have been ill, or are recovering this sequence will support your body’s natural inclination to get better.

YOGA FOR SOUND SLEEP: An evening practice routine, followed by a bath or shower.

QUICK MORNING STRETCH ROUTINE: To flex your joints, extend your spine and legs, and bring energy up to your brain.

LEVEL 1: 4 sequences to use for quick/daily maintenance (from IYA New York)

LEVEL 2: 4 sequences to use once or twice a week for deeper practice (from IYA New York)

HOW TO TIE A YOGA STRAP: How to buckle a belt properly.

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