Face & Body Treatments

THERAPEUTIC TREATMENTS – deeply releasing and profoundly relaxing massage techniques are combined with the health-giving properties of essential oils to support your whole body, mind and senses.

Massages with Hannah are wonderful, she is professional, incredibly talented, uses perfect pressure, is very friendly which all combine to make time with her very relaxing. I have been getting massages my entire life and I honestly have to say Hannah was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Karen.

NEW CLIENTS – please complete this CONSULTATION FORM. Appointments are available on Thursdays, Fridays and some Saturday mornings. (See below for contact details.)

Hannah has devised a very distinctive treatment. Incorporating her many years’ experience in therapeutic yoga, aromatherapy, facial and body massage, the treatment takes the standard facial and lifts it to a whole new level. A profoundly relaxing experience, the whole body is gently prepared, from the feet to the head. A thorough facial cleanse is followed by an exfoliating clay mask & soothing floral skin mist. The deep massage for the face, neck & shoulders, using Lovegrove Essentials Healing Touch Facial Serum, penetrates from the periphery to the core, working holistically to nourish the cells, release deep-seated stress and tension. The whole treatment encourages a profound sense of peace and stability. The treatment is finished with Lovegrove Essentials Moisture Cream enriched with oils of rose and neroli, to leave you feeling deeply rested, calm & radiant.

‘Had a facial with Hannah yesterday where she used her total range of Lovegrove facial skincare … wow a total sense sensation … really 5 star beautiful natural products which left my skin (and me) feeling better than ever. Am totally converted … Thank you.’ Louise

Therapeutic Facial Treatment – approx. 60 minutes


The focus and depth of the massage can be adapted to suit your particular needs on the day. Using deep tissue massage, drainage, joint mobilisation & remedial movements appropriate to your condition, this massage stimulates the flow of blood and lymph, encourages the removal of toxins, promotes cell renewal, releases the muscle tissues and relieves tension. The result is a profoundly restful experience, bringing deep physical release for the tissues and relaxation for body and mind.

‘Hannah’s knowledge of the body is excellent and I would recommend her to anyone with confidence of a personalised nourishing experience.’ Mary.

Full Body Massage – approx. 60 minutes

A therapeutic body massage treatment, focussing on any areas which need a little extra attention.


An area where we often store tension which can lead to headaches and soreness in neck and shoulder muscles. This treatment covers the whole back from hips to shoulders, the upper chest, neck and head.

The oil used was beautiful – I recall the fragrance was lovely and well absorbed leaving my skin feeling very soft and supple for several days. A thoroughly enjoyable treat – thank you. Carole.

Remedial Massage Treatment – approx. 45 minutes

Focussing on any area you feel needs attention: Back, Neck & Shoulder / Aches & Pains / Gentle Lymph Drainage / Face & Head.


A deeply nourishing and relaxing treatment for the lower arm, wrist and fingernails. The fingernails are cleaned, shaped and prepared for buffing. The whole area is then massaged with a skin-softening massage balm and a nourishing nail oil. (No polish).
30 minutes (approx) – £30

A deeply nourishing and relaxing treatment for the lower leg, feet and toes. The feet are bathed, rough skin exfoliated, and the nails shaped. The whole area is then massaged with a skin-softening massage balm and a nourishing nail oil. (No polish).
30 minutes (approx) – £30

Half Leg Wax – £15
Three Quarter Leg Wax – £20
Full Leg Wax – £25
Bikini Wax – £15
Underarm Wax – £10
Forearm Wax – £15
Lip or Chin – £10
Lip & Chin – £15
Eyebrow Shape (waxing) – £10
Eyebrow Shape (tweezers) – £10
Lash Tint – £14 / Brow Tint – £15
Lash & Brow Tint – £20
(Please note – a patch test is required 24 hours prior to any facial tinting or waxing treatment.)


Payment for treatments can be made in multiples of £5.


Hannah has been offering body and facial therapies, and aromatherapy treatments for 40 years. Combining this with her long experience of therapeutic Iyengar Yoga techniques she has developed a unique massage treatment, bringing deep release and relaxation for the whole body and mind. This unique treatment is being developed as an accredited training module for Professional Massage and Beauty  Therapists. Hannah is a member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists, a Reiki practitioner, and Iyengar Yoga Teacher.

Email: Hannah@lovegroveessentials.com
Address: Saddle Street Farm, Thorncombe, Dorset TA20 4PY
All prices include VAT @ 20%.
VAT Number – 290 499858

Therapeutic Massage helps to re-balance your whole system and brings about physiological and psychological change. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which releases stress from the body and mind, leading to a deeper sense of well-being and better balance within the systems of the body. Massage increases the nutrient and oxygen-carrying capacity of blood, it assists in the circulation of lymph, removes waste products, and encourages re-generation at cellular level.

People are often able to rest more easily or sleep better after a treatment. Some people experience increased mental clarity, and some report feeling less despondent or ‘more alive’. Stress levels are reduced and one’s ability to balance the demands of life in general is strengthened.

​All the treatments use Lovegrove Essentials natural skin care products. Our award-winning Massage Balms are easily absorbed by the skin and leave no oily residue. The essential oils and sensitive massage techniques provide support and healing to the whole person.

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