Appointments available on Monday at the ALCS* Therapy Clinic, Axminster Hospital:
1st November 2021 (1.15pm – 5.00pm)
15th November 2021 (8.45am – 12.45pm)
13th December 2021 (1.15pm – 5.00pm)

Please click HERE to book, and let me know if you are booking through ALCS.

Each treatment is £35 for 30 minutes / £60 for 60 minutes including consultation.

*More details of therapies and other support available from the Axminster & Lyme Cancer Support Group.

Facial Treatment (30 or 60 mins)

Cleansing Balm, exfoliation is followed by a relaxing & restorative massage for the face, neck & shoulders using the Healing Touch Serum. The longer treatment includes a rejuvenating and skin-plumping Kansa massage and mask. The treatment is finished with the Toning Mist and Moisture Cream to leave you feeling rested, refreshed & radiant.

Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 mins) Full Body Massage (60 mins)

Using a combination of deep tissue massage & remedial movements in an area prone to holding tension & stress, this luxurious treatment uses a choice of natural and organic Massage Balms.

Kansa Wand Treatments (30 mins)

Used for millennia in Ayurvedic treatments, Kansa massage helps restore the complexion, ease tension and pain and reduce congestion & inflammation. Known as Kansa Wands, the benefits of massaging with these tools are attributed to the electromagnetic effects of the different metals in the alloy – copper, tin and a very small amount of zinc. Clients often notice an immediate and deep sense of comfort and calm when the wand makes contact with the skin. (See HERE for more information about Kansa treatments.)

Kansa Facial Treatment: A facial rejuvenation treatment to improve muscle tone & elasticity of the skin, soften and plump fine lines, ease tension and headaches.

Kansa Foot Treatment: A highly therapeutic treatment where the Kansa Wand is ‘stroked’ over reflex points in the feet to relieve stress & tension. The effect is profoundly relaxing.

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