Massage Treatments

 using deeply releasing massage techniques combined with with the health-giving properties of essential oils to support the whole person: body, mind and senses.

Therapeutic Massage helps to stimulate the nervous system and increase the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood throughout the body. People are sometimes able to rest more easily or sleep less fitfully afterwards. Some experience increased mental clarity, some report feeling less despondent or ‘more alive’.


This signature treatment has been specially devised by Hannah Lovegrove. Incorporating her many years’ experience in therapeutic yoga, aromatherapy and facial massage, it takes the standard facial and lifts it to a whole new level. It is a profoundly relaxing experience. The whole body is gently prepared from the feet up to the head before the treatment begins. A thorough facial cleanse is followed by an exfoliating clay mask & soothing floral skin mist. The deep massage for the face, neck & shoulders using our own Healing Touch Facial Serum penetrates the body from the periphery to the core, working holistically to release deep-seated stress and tension and bring about a profound sense of peace and stability. The treatment is finished with Lovegrove Essentials Moisturiser enriched with oils of rose and neroli, to leave you feeling deeply rested, calm & radiant.
Therapeutic Facial Massage Treatment 60 minutes £55

The focus and depth of the massage can be adapted to suit your particular needs on the day. The result is a profoundly restful experience, bringing deep physical release for the tissues and relaxation for the whole body and mind.
Body Massage Treatment 60 mins £45

Using a combination of deep tissue & remedial movements in any area prone to holding tension and stress, this deep massage stimulates blood flow, releases the tissues and relieves tension in the body.
Remedial Massage 40 mins £40

Hannah has been offering body and facial therapies, and aromatherapy treatments for many years. Combining this with her long experience of Yoga Therapy techniques she has developed a unique massage treatment, bringing deep release and relaxation for the whole body and mind. This technique is currently being developed as an accredited training module for Professional Massage Therapists, hence the very reasonable price!

​All the treatments use Lovegrove Essentials natural skin care products. The Massage Balms are easily absorbed by the skin and leave no oily residue. The essential oils and sensitive massage techniques provide support and healing to the whole person. The treatments and products are tailored to meet individual needs and are suitable for men and women.

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