Practice Sequences

A selection of simple Home Practice sheets:

QUICK MORNING STRETCH ROUTINE: To flex your joints, extend your spine and legs, and bring energy up to your brain.

ABDOMINAL & LOWER BACK STRENGTH: Weakness in one can lead to problems in the other. The abdomen and the lower back need to be strengthened together.

SHOULDER AND ARM STRENGTH AND FLEXIBILITY: Simple, quick, invigorating for the brain.

SUPPORT THROUGH CHALLENGING TIMES: When the going gets tough, and you need to keep going, take time to support yourself and you will have more than enough to support those around you.

SUPPORT FOR A DEPLETED IMMUNE SYSTEM: If you have been ill, this sequence will support your body’s natural inclination to get better.

YOGA FOR SOUND SLEEP: An evening practice routine, followed by a bath or shower.

LEVEL 1: four sequences to use for quick/daily maintenance (from IYA New York)

LEVEL 2: four sequences to use once or twice a week for deeper practice (from IYA New York)

HOW TO TIE A YOGA STRAP: How to buckle a belt properly.

Next Intermediate Saturday morning class from 9.30 – 11.30 am on  9th April. £12.00 Let me know if you’d like to come.