Anatomy Workshops

These workshops provide a practical and accessible study of the human body, with a particular focus on the study, teaching and practice of yoga and other body work classes. They are designed for for yoga teachers and students, and other types of body workers.

The course is designed to support and enhance our understanding of Exoteric Anatomy and explore the links to Esoteric Anatomy. It is structured in such a way that we can begin to perceive the visceral effects of movement and asana, stillness and pranayama in our own body and mind. Specific elements of Esoteric Anatomy are woven through each workshop, and the final workshop is dedicated to exploring these and bringing them all together.

Each theory class takes specific sections of the subject and explores how they relate to movement and body work. The asana classes give us an opportunity to put this into practice and develop more sensitivity to the effect. The yoga classes are suitable for everyone and include modifications where needed.

For teachers:
– develop a sound working knowledge of exoteric anatomy
– communicate instructions and adjustments clearly and effectively
– understand the effects of movement, asana and pranayama on the body and mind
– be consistent and accurate in giving instructions
– work safely and with confidence

For students:
– understand your body and how it functions
– de-mystify anatomy in order to develop a practical understanding and better perception
– recognise and describe internal sensations clearly and accurately
– develop more sensitivity and insight into the effects of physical practice within your body

Workshop itinerary:
Short asana practice. (30 mins)
Theory Session (1hr 30 mins) There will be slides, hand-outs and illustrations covering the topics under discussion.
Lunch break – group discussion (30 mins)
Practical Session (1hr 30 mins) Asana class exploring some of the topics discussed, to locate and sense the different organs, areas and systems within the body.

Workshop 1: Structure
What do we need to know about Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology?
Anatomical terms – external and internal mapping of the body.
Structure and function of cavities, skeleton, joints.

Workshop 2: Movement & Posture
Muscles and Movement
Tension and Extension

Workshop 3: The Organic Body
The structure and function of the major organs, digestive and excretory systems.
Pulmonary and Systemic circulation, the Lymphatic system, Fascia.

Workshop 4: Perception and Balance
The endocrine system, the nervous system, the respiratory system.
The Senses, Homeostasis.

Workshop 5: Esoteric Anatomy
Kosas, Sariras, Pancha Vayu, Chakras, Nadis.