Touch Treatments

Email me if you need an appointment. Dates and times are flexible, but I see clients most Mondays in Thorncombe and in Axminster Hospital. Please fill out the Health Questionnaire before your first appointment, or if your condition has changed.

If you or a member of your family has been affected by cancer, treatments are available through Axminster & Lyme Cancer Awareness Group.

Why are these treatments so effective?
Over years of massage, aromatherapy and yoga training, I have developed a unique series of treatments which can ease many conditions, from acute skeleto-muscular problems of all kinds, to chronic and painful problems such as Lyme’s Disease, through to deeply restorative treatments to relax the body, support the nervous system and restore mental stability.

The techniques I use are highly effective. They include careful positioning of the body and applying weights to influence the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, traditional light and deep massage movements to release the tissues and joints, enhanced breathing techniques for their effects on stress and the brain. Sometimes I use Kansa Wands. I may also show you some restorative yoga positions that you can use at home.

When we change the way we breathe, we change the way we think and feel.

Clients describe the deep easing of painful areas, an enhanced sense of calm and mental stability, feeling relaxed yet refreshed after a treatment. One client walked back to her car, forgetting to take the crutch she was using when she arrived. “It’s a miracle”, we joked!

All the products I use are natural and organic. They provide aromatherapeutic benefits, support the body’s own healing processes and add a more subtle dimension to the treatments.

New clients – please complete this health questionnaire.
To pay for your treatment by BACS:
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Bank:  Mettle
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