We value your feedback. It helps us to know how we’re doing, and let’s others know what to expect. Please click this link to leave your feedback. Here’s what others have said about our 2017 weekends:

I cannot fault the yoga sessions at all. It is some years since I last attended an Iyengar class and it was nice to be reminded how inclusive it can be of all abilities. There was a lovely atmosphere in the yoga studio.♥ Maureen S.
Hannah’s yoga teaching is if the highest standard – precision, discipline and compassion! ♥ Mary M.
I thought I would struggle with the number of hours of yoga but I came away from the weekend feeling about 6 inches taller and a clear head. ♥ Eleanor S.
I loved the Yoga, it felt achievable for me but pushed me to my limit too. The class sessions were just the right length and Hannah was very professional and knowledgable. I left the weekend a lot more clearer on what Iyengar Yoga is about and each session revitalised me. ♥ Virginia M.
Great yoga weekend for all levels. Some of the participants had never done Iyengar yoga before and you have converted them Hannah!!!! ♥ Jackie W.
Fantastic – amazing teaching and all the props to hand. Clear and firm instruction. I am a complete beginner and really enjoyed it – even though I think my muscles were in shock at times 🙂 I think I may have been spoilt now – can’t see my local classes matching this experience 🙂 ♥ Lisa M.

The food amazing it was wonderful to sit and be served delicious healthy food. The wonderful chef Hayley explained in detail what was on our plates and the ingredients. As I am a vegan this was bliss. No need for snacks .. delicious! ♥ Debra C.
I am a real foodie and the food was delicious and plentiful. Carefully planned to provide healthy balanced meals. A great combination of flavours and taste. ♥ Tracie W.
Amazing. Beautifully cooked, simple ingredients made to dance. Big quantities too! ♥ Bethan C.
The food was delicious and everyone was so friendly and helpful and it was great having tips on how to make some of the dishes. So very tasty and filling, would love to have some of the recipes. ♥ Pat R.
Delish delish delish made with real love. ♥ Jackie C.

It is gorgeous. ♥ Eleanor S.
Saddle Street Farm is like something from an Enid Blyton Famous Five novel – deep in the Dorset countryside with the most stunning scenery. ♥ Mary M.
The yoga studio is a perfect place for classes (10 people on our weekend) – clean, warm, light and airy. Lovely gardens, two friendly cats and a dog, and 2 horses grazing. Walking distance to Thorncombe village. ♥ Maureen S.
You have a lovely home and it was great that you shared some of it with us. The accommodation was very comfortable, the yoga room was warm, beautiful natural sunlight streaming through the windows and fabulous views. ♥ Pat R.

Thank you for a wonderful and welcoming weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of yoga and you and your family’s hospitality. ♥ Owen D.
I absolutely loved my weekend and can’t wait to come again. Hannah was a fantastic teacher and a lovely person, all my boxes were ticked for a Yoga weekend, and it was my first one! ♥ Virginia M.
Very big thank you to all – superb weekend, I shall recommend to all. ♥ Pat R.
Just thank you to you all for a brilliant weekend, you made us feel welcome and at home. It was lovely to meet you. ♥ Tracie W.
I met some lovely people who all enjoyed themselves and who have definitely been converted to Iyengar yoga. ♥ Jackie W.
Hannah’s yoga weekend really is the best combination of yoga, food and location! I go there for a weekend and feel I have been away for a week. Can’t wait until next time! ♥ Mary M.