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I have worked in the health and wellbeing sector for over 40 years, specialising in natural & organic products and treatments. I have been a Yoga teacher for 20 years.

I have been practicing yoga since the 1970′s, attending classes with the Iyengar family at RIMYI in Pune, India. Yoga is a gift to us all, first described originally by Patanjali, defined and refined today by the world’s best and most esteemed teacher and Guru, the late BKS Iyengar and his family.

Yoga postures change the mental state, the mind-set. The benefits of regular practice on our bodies quickly becomes apparent.  The effect on the mind takes longer to register because yoga is dealing with the causes, not just the symptoms. 

With regular practice, people find they sleep very well. A person’s capacity to deal with any crisis in life is vastly improved.


“Yoga is about learning to use all your strength, guile, patience to develop your self-discipline and perseverance so that you don’t have to struggle anymore, and then nothing can defeat you, not even death.”
Hannah – March 2021.

Iyengar Yoga Certification Mark